Monoclonal Antibodies F70 C4

* Korver, H., Kolk A.H.J., Vingerhoed J., van Leeuwen J. & Terpstra W.J. (1988) Classification of the serovars of Icterohaemorrhagiae serogroup by monoclonal antibodies. Isr J Vet Med 44, 15-18.
* Feresu SB, Bolin CA, Korver H. A new leptospiral serovar in the Icterohaemorrhagiae serogroup isolated from an ox in Zimbabwe. Int J Syst Bact, 43, 179-182, 1993.
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* Korver H, Ellis WA, Kim MJ, Terpstra WJ. Antigenic and genetic analysis of Korean Leptospira isolates. In: Leptospirosis, Proceedings of the Leptospirosis Research Conference 1990; Ed.Kobayashi; Publ.Hokusen-Sha Publishing Co., 235-270, 1991.

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