Serovar Zhenkang

Zhenkang L 82 1988

The strain was isolated from a house rat (Rattus flavipectus) in Yunnan province of China and described as a new serovar named zhenkang, reference strain L 82, by Li Cui-zhi et al. (1988). No confirmative typing results are known, and it is therefore included in the attached updated list under provisional status (+).
+ Provisional status; serovars validly described but not yet confirmed by serological typing results of a Reference (Ref.) Laboratory (Lab.) even as the original description was based on the typing results of a Ref. Lab.
* Li Cui-zhi, Li Zhao-hua, Gao Ji-yuan: Identification of four new strains of Leptospira. Acta Microbiol. Sinica 28, 2, 1988, 173-178.
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L 82F98 C192001-01-10:98-19.412800.50add to cart
L 82F98 C201999-03-26:98-20.551200.50add to cart
L 82F98 C41988-05-15:98-4.302.00add to cart
L 82F98 C51986-10-16:98-5.101.00add to cart
L 82F98 C121986-10-13:98-12.251201.00inquire
L 82F98 C171986-09-30:98-17.201.00add to cart
L 82F98 C191995-07-10:98-19.325602.00inquire
L 82F12 C32012.12.24:12-3.1300.50add to cart

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