Serovar Trinidad

Trinidad TRVL 34056 1977

The strain was isolated from a patient in Trinidad by Spence et al. (1972) and published as a new serovar trinidad, strain TVRL 34056. Galton (WHO, 1967) typed the strain and gave it the laboratory code LT 1098. The strain appeared under this code number in the official WHO list of 1967 with provisional status.
The strain was submitted to factor analysis and described as a new serovar of the subgroup Wolfii of the newly established serogroup Sejroe (Kmety, 1977). A full report with confirmative serotyping results was published by Sulzer et al. (1982). In this publication the strain designation TRVL 34056 is given, which receives priority over the code number LT 1098.
* Spence L., Downes W.G., Green A.E. Leptospirosis in Trinidad: Further studies resulting in recognition of two new serotypes. West Indian Med. J. 21, 4, 1972, 216-219.
* WHO: Current Problems in Leptospirosis Research. Wld. Hlth. Org. Tech. Rep. Ser. No. 380, Geneva 1967, p.32.
* Kmety E. Studium antigennej structury leptospir. Klasifikacia serologickej skupiny Hebdomadis. Folia Fac. Med. Univ. Comenianae Bratisl. XV., 2, 1977, 245-309.
* Sulzer C.R., Pope V., Rogers F. New leptospiral serotypes (serovars) from the Western Hemisphere isolated during 1964 through 1970. Rev. Lat. Amer. Microbiol. 24, 1, 1982, 15-17.

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TRVL 34056F13 C31997-12-16:13-3.100.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F13 C1931997-10-28:13-193.151200.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F16 C281999-06-01:16-28.31600.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F16 C1402002-04-01:16-140.425600.50inquire
TRVL 34056F16 C3271997-12-16:16-327.351200.50inquire
TRVL 34056F21 C21998-10-03:21-2.351200.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F22 C11998-10-03:22-1.612800.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F22 C12002-04-01:22-1-71600.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F22 C61998-10-03:22-6.2204800.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F35 C101998-10-03:35-10.225600.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F38 C201998-10-03:38-20.551200.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F38 C242002-04-01:38-24.5800.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F50 C31997-12-16:50-3.400.50inquire
TRVL 34056F106 C11998-10-03:106-1.325600.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F106 C91999-03-26:106-9.300.50add to cart
TRVL 34056F22 C21983-02-11:22-2.225601.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F38 C131983-10-10:38-13.101.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F106 C51995-06-01:106-5.3204802.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F127 C21987-11-19:127-2.101.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F127 C41987-11-17:127-4.1409602.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F127 C101987-11-23:127-10.1401.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F127 C121987-11-17:127-12.101.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F127 C131987-11-19:127-13.1102402.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F127 C141987-11-19:127-14.1102401.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F127 C161987-11-19:127-16.1802.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F128 C121987-12-13:128-12.11602.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F128 C151987-12-06:128-15.11602.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F128 C161987-12-02:128-16.112802.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F106 C91987-01-12:106-9.101.00inquire
TRVL 34056F50 C51984-05-10:50-5.2202.00add to cart
TRVL 34056F56 C31985-02-15:56-3.102.00add to cart

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