Serovar Topaz

Abstract: This paper reports on a Leptospira isolate of bovine origin and its identification as belonging to a previously unknown serovar, for which the name Topaz is proposed. The isolate (94–79970/3) was cultured from bovine urine from a north Queensland dairy farm in Australia. Strain 94–79970/3 grew at 30 degrees C in Ellinghausen McCullough Johnson Harris (EMJH) medium but failed to grow at 13 degrees C in EMJH medium or in the presence of 8-azaguanine. Serologically, strain 94–79970/3 produced titres against the Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Tarassovi, the reference strain for the Tarassovi serogroup; however, no significant titres to any other serovars within the serogroup were obtained. Using 16S rRNA and DNA gyrase subunit B gene analysis, strain 94–79970/3 was identified as a member of the species Leptospira weilii. We propose that the serovar be named Topaz, after the location where the original isolate was obtained. The reference strain for this serovar is 94–79970/3 (=KIT 94–79970/3=LT722).

* Corney BG, Slack AT, Symonds ML, Dohnt MF, McClintock CS, McGowan MR, Smythe LD. Leptospira weilii serovar Topaz, a new member of the Tarassovi serogroup isolated from a bovine source in Queensland, Australia. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 58, 2008, 2249–52
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94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F129 C21987-12-12:129-2.101.00inquire
94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F129 C31988-05-15:129-3.302.00inquire
94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F129 C41987-12-12:129-4.101.00inquire
94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F129 C61987-12-02:129-6.102.00inquire
94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F129 C71987-12-02:129-7.102.00add to cart
94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F129 C201995-06-01:129-20.402.00inquire
94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F129 C261987-12-13:129-26.16401.00inquire
94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F151 C11989-10-24:151-1.112801.00inquire
94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F151 C61989-11-02:151-6.1204801.00inquire
94-79970/3 (=KIT94-799970/3)F151 C201989-11-02:151-20.112801.00inquire

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