Serovar Ndahambukuje

Ndahambukuje Ndahambukuje 1946

The strain Ndahambukuje was isolated from a patient in Zaire (formerly the Belgium Congo) in 1938 by van Riel (1946). Although it is not mentioned in van Thiel's "The Leptospirosis", nor in Wolff and Broom's list of 1954, Ndahambukuje appears in the WHO list of 1967 (WHO, Tech.Rep.Ser., No. 380) as a recognised serovar, after being studied by Kmety (1967), who confirmed its separate serological status.
* Riel J. van. Le foyer Centro-Africain de leptospirose. Ann. Soc. Belge Med. Trop. 26, 1946, 197-244.
* Riel J. van. Sur l'existance au Congo Beige d'un leptospire du groupe Hebdomadis. Ann. Soc. Belge Med. Trop. 32, 5, 1952, 683-691.
* Wld. Hlth. Org. Tech. Rep. Ser. No. 380, Geneva 1967, p.32.
* Kmety E. Faktoranalyse von Leptospiren der Icterohaemorrhagiae and einiger verwandter Serogruppen. Biologicke Prace, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Vyd. SAV Bratislava XIII, 3, 1967, p. 124.
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NdahambukujeF20 C42005-11-25:20-4.33200.50inquire
NdahambukujeF20 C31999-06-01:20-3.100.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF12 C32012.12.24:12-3.13200.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF52 C11999-06-01:52-1.43200.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF52 C22005-11-25:52-2.400.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF70 C42000-01-27:70-4.53200.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF70 C132001-01-10:70-13.56400.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF70 C142016-06-04:70-14.1500.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF70 C201999-06-01:70-20.400.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF70 C242007-06-12:70-24.2000.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF70 C262001-10-10:70-26.33200.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF89 C122007-06-12:89-12.63200.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF20 C41995-06-01:20-4.1102402.00add to cart
NdahambukujeF82 C21995-06-01:82-2.302.00add to cart
NdahambukujeF82 C81989-10-25:82-8.401.00inquire
NdahambukujeF89 C31991-03-18:89-3.33201.00inquire
NdahambukujeF82 C12005-11-25:82-1.500.50add to cart
NdahambukujeF52 C21984-06-12:52-2.2401.00inquire
NdahambukujeF70 C41996-04-02:70-4.1/4.325601.00inquire
NdahambukujeF70 C131985-04-05:70-13.125601.00inquire
NdahambukujeF70 C261985-04-11:70-26.125601.00inquire
NdahambukujeF70 C242000-01-27:70-24.1600.50inquire
NdahambukujeF70 C241997-01-01:70-24.1500.50inquire

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