Serovar Naam

Naam Naam 1940

The strain Naam was isolated by Wolff in 1936, from a fatal case of leptospirosis in a labourer in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia (Walch-Sorgdrager et al., 1940). The strain was later studied serologically and appears in Wolff and Broom's list (1954) as a separate serovar named naam. The separate serological status of the strain was confirmed by factor analysis (Kmety, 1967).
* Walch-Sorgdrager B., Bohlander H., Schuffner W., Wolff J.W. Serologische groepering van Leptospira stammen afkomstig van gevallen van leptospirosis ter Oostkust van Sumatra. Geneesk. Tijdschr. Ned.-Ind. 80, 10, 1940, 578-598
* WHO: Joint WHO/FAO Expert Committee on Zoonoses. Wld. Hlth. Org. Techn. Rep. Ser. No. 169, Geneva 1959, p. 83.
* Wolff J.W., Broom J.C. The Genus Leptospira Noguchi 1917, Problems of Classification and Suggested System Based on Antigenic Analysis. Doc. Med. Geogr. Trop. 6, 1954, 78-95.
* Kmety E. Faktoranalyse von Leptospiren der Icterohaemorrhagiae and einiger verwandter Serogruppen. Biologicke Prace, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Vyd. SAV Bratislava XIII, 3,1967, p. 124.

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NaamF82 C81989-10-25:82-8.43201.00inquire
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NaamF89 C121997-01-01:89-12.412800.50inquire
NaamF52 C21984-06-12:52-2.23201.00inquire
NaamF70 C41996-04-02:70-4.1/4.33201.00inquire
NaamF70 C131985-04-05:70-13.16401.00inquire
NaamF70 C261985-04-11:70-26.13201.00inquire
NaamF70 C242000-01-27:70-24.1600.50inquire

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