Serovar Lichuan

Manhao 4/Lichuan Li 130 1978

The strain was isolated in 1973 from the blood of a patient in Lichuan County, Jiangxi province of China, and described by Luo Heng-sheng et al. (1978) as a new serovar named manhao 4, reference strain Li 130. Later the strain was studied by factor analysis by Qin Jin­cai et al., 1981, who confirmed its separate status. The serovar was recognized by the TSC (Manchester, 1986) in spite of its incorrect naming, which is expected to be changed to lichuan (personal communication, Zhang Fang-zheng, 1988). Its serovar status has been confirmed by a RL. Because of incomplete documentation the serovar is marked by i.d. in the Revised List (Kmety & Dikken, 1988), and the attached updated list.
i.d. Strains published without data on the history or adequate serovar name (i.d. means incomplete documentation).
* Luo Heng-sheng et al., A new serotype: Leptospira Manhao 4. Acta Microbiol. Sinica 18, 2, 1978, 91-94.
* Qin Jin-cai, Chen Ming-hua, Xu Chun-Ian, Zhao Gui-fan. Factor Analysis of Leptospirae of "Manhao" serogroup and establishment of a new serotype – lincang. Chinese J. Microbiol. Immunol. l, 4, 1981, 256-259.
* TSC meeting, 1986, Manchester: Minutes. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 37, 1987, 472-473.
* Kmety E., Dikken H. Revised List of Leptospira Serovars (accepted by the Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of Leptospira). University Press Groningen, 1988, p. 16.
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