Serovar Kwale

Kwale Julu 1979

Strain Julu was isolated from a schoolboy in the Coast Province of Kenya in 1968 (de Geus, 1971). The isolate appeared to be a member of the Pyrogenes group (de Geus, 1977) and was described by Dikken et al. (1979) as a new serovar kwale, with reference strain Julu. Its serovar status has been confirmed by a RL.
* Geus A. de. Human leptospirosis in rural Kenya. Thesis University Amsterdam 1971, p. 73.
* Geus A. de, Wolff J.W., Timmer V.E.A. Clinical leptospirosis in Kenya. East Afr. Med. J. 54, 1977, 115-132.
* Dikken H., Kmety E., Geus A. de, Timmer V.E.A. A new Leptospiral serovar in the Pyrogenes serogroup. Trop. geogr. Med. 31, 3, 1979, 405-408.

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