Serovar Kuwait

Kuwait 136/2/2 1983

The strain was isolated in 1979 from the kidneys of a brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) trapped near Kuwait City by Bezjak (1983), and described by Terpstra (1983) as a separate serovar named kuwait, ref. strain 136/2/2.
* Bezjak V., Thorbum H. Survey of rats (Rattus norvegicus) in Kuwait for presence of Leptospira. Trop. Geogr. Med. 35,1, 1983, 33-36.
* Terpstra W.J., Korver H., Bezjak V. Leptospira interrogans serovar kuwait, an addition in the Canicola group. J. Kwt. Med. Ass. 17, 1983, 153-157.

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136/2/2F152 C51997-01-10:152-5.300.50add to cart
136/2/2F152 C81993-03-31:152-8.3202.00inquire
136/2/2F152 C21990-01-31:152-2.101.00inquire
136/2/2F152 C141997-01-01:152-14.3200.50add to cart
136/2/2F152 C171995-06-01:152-17.302.00inquire

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