Serovar Hebdomadis

Hebdomadis Hebdomadis 1918

The strain was isolated from the blood of a patient in Japan by serial passage through guinea-pigs in 1916 (Ido, Ito and Wani, 1918). In the original publication in Japanese in Nippon Naika Gakkai Zasshi, No. 5, 1917, the new leptospira is designated Spirochaeta nanukayaami (nanukayaami = seven day fever). In the publication of Ido et al. (1918) the designation Hebdomadis appears for the first time, and was then generally adopted as the serovar name. As in neither publication a strain name is mentioned, the serovar name was also used as the strain name. The strain was submitted to factor analysis by Kmety (1977), who suggested on the basis of the results that it should be placed in a subgroup to be named Hebdomadis.
* Ido Y., Ito R., Wani H. Spirochaeta hebdomadis, the causative agent of seven day fever (Nanukayami). J. exp. Med. 28, 4, 1918, 435-448.
* Kmety E. Studium antigennej structury leptospir. Klasifikacia serologickej skupiny Hebdomadis. Folia Fac. Med. Univ. Comenianae Bratisl. XV., 2, 1977, 245-309.
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