Serovar Dikkeni

Dikkeni Mannuthi 1978

The strain was isolated by Adinarayanan in 1970 from the kidneys of a healthy looking bandicoot (Bandicota bengalensis) trapped in India, Kerala State. It was studied by Dikken et al. (1978) and found to be a new serovar of the subgroup Saxkoebing and was named dikkeni, reference strain Mannuthi. The serovar Dikkeni was officially recognized by the TSC in 1986 and included in the Revised List of 1988 (Kmety & Dikken, 1988).
* Dikken H., Kmety E., Geus A. de, Adinarayanan N., Timmer V.E.A. Two new Leptospira serovars belonging to the Hebdomadis serogroup. Trop. Geogr. Med. 30, 4, 1978, 537-542.
* TSC meeting, 1986, Manchester: Minutes. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 37, 1987, 472-473.
* Kmety E., Dikken H. Revised List of Leptospira Serovars (accepted by the Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of Leptospira). University Press Groningen, 1988, p. 16.
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MannuthiF16 C1402002-04-01:16-140.46400.50inquire
MannuthiF22 C21983-02-11:22-2.201.00add to cart
MannuthiF38 C131983-10-10:38-13.101.00add to cart
MannuthiF106 C51995-06-01:106-5.3802.00add to cart
MannuthiF106 C91987-01-12:106-9.101.00inquire
MannuthiF13 C31997-12-16:13-3.100.50add to cart
MannuthiF13 C1931997-10-28:13-193.112800.50add to cart

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